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Style Guide

The Outfit is Everything

What makes your photos tell the story of your family, while also looking like art is so many elements meeting up at once. First it's the timing- I only shoot at sunset. Then it's your families love & joy. Lastly but certainly not least is the clothing you wear. The colors, the fit, the textures, it all matters more than you would ever think

Everyone Should Coordinate but not Match

No one should be wearing the same two exact colors or having kiddos in

the exact same matching outfit. Olive & mustard coordinate for example.

You need to mix and match textures/ patterns/ solids

Make sure you have a good mix of

patterns/solids. We need to break up the wardrobe in that way- as well as some different textures. All these combos equal MAGIC.

Movement is Key

Mom this tip is for you!! I want you able to move comfortably and I also want your outfit to have some flow so we can capture it flowing as you play with your kiddos.

These are my Brand Colors and the Pallet I Suggest using for Your Wardrobe


Colors to AVOID

These are colors I prefer

you not to wear.

They do not edit well with my style.

White- wear tan or cream

Teal- Wear emerald or green

Any bright summer colors ( Cora, yellow)

Wear the muted alternative instead;

Coral-Rust or Maroon

Yellow- Tan or Mustard

Please avoid black- Wear brown, olive, charcoal instead,

I prefer no light blues or very little blue in general.


Family photos is an occasion that is SPECIAL and you should celebrate it as such.

Moms- use it as a time to get your hair/makeup and nails done. Those details do matter.

Wear accessories that make you feel pretty- hats, belts, not every day jewelry etc

Layer up with flowy cardigans, or an off the shoulder piece


For kids- flower crowns, tall socks, small non distracting bows, beanies and suspenders for boys.


Dont forget to go neutral on the shoes as well- brown boots/sandals etc


Details Create the Big Picture

This guide will help you choose what colors to use and what colors to avoid- as well as how to mix n match textures and patterns to get the best outcome

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