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What To Expect For Your Family Session

FUN!! Yes we are going to have so much fun and I cant wait to laugh with & love on your family. My sessions are not just  "cheese" and look at the camera - they are full of snuggles, laughs, dress twirls and connection.


I plan to tell YOUR family's story while honoring my style of photography. This means I will read over your questionnaire and cater my prompts and suggestions to your family, to capture sweet

gestures and moments that truly mean the most to you.

Prepare to interact, play and cuddle while oddly enough- NOT looking at the camera much. I want to show you how gorgeous you look while being a mom/wife/dad and that requires letting your guard down and justing being in the moment with your family. But don’t worry- I wont leave ya hanging! I achieve this by giving directions and prompts that bring out emotions and I will set the "scene" so to speak- and keep us



Let Kids Be Kids.

Getting kids on board can feel overwhelming and a little bit tricky so here are some tips from a photographer who has been getting cranky kids to relax for years-


Biggest tip I can offer is to let them be. Kids are not going to be able to sit and smile for long and thats the beauty of my photography style- THEY DONT NEED TO! The best photos I capture are when you are playing with your kids and just letting them be themselves.


Try to avoid punishing them during the shoot.
Also - I know its hard - trust me I do- but dont bark at them to smile or smile better or to look at me. I will let them know what I want & sometimes that includes not looking at me at all.


I always tells parents - "You cant hear photos" and that is something to remember at your shoot. You can see faces and tension very well in photos but that sound of your toddler screaming? No one will know! I will pose them away if this happens and you can snuggle them close and smile through the chaos and a beautiful RAW moment can. be captured. Remember to smile and relax. If your child needs a break- that is okay too.



Kids Continued...

Anything extra I need to know about your kiddos and what they love

(certain songs or shows etc) is very helpful and should be mentioned in your questionnaire answers.

All my sessions happen at sunset -

sometimes this is pretty late in the evening so be sure to adjust nap schedules

for the
day if you have littles

who go to bed early! I do not offer earlier

times than "golden hour"

for outdoor shoots.



I will make sure and grab at least one photo of the whole family- smiling.

The rest of the time I will be documenting your family as you are. I'll make sure each kid has a few photos were they are the "focus" but since I am not a portrait photographer i do not do solos of each kid etc but I provide them as you see above- the moment is focused on them as the rest of the family's details are

still present.

Perfection is Overrated

As much as we want everything to be perfect- try not to stress small things like adjusting your hair or stepping in front of a shot to fix your kiddos hair/outfit. Sometimes we have to move fast and only have one chance at the shot when a toddler is "cooperating" and you don't want your hand up fixing your hair in that moment. Also hair blowing in the

wind is SO PRETTY! See above. One of my favorite details to capture.
I will fiix anything that needs fixed, just enjoy the moment and let go of

those worries.

Final Details

Gallery Turn around time is 3 weeks after you select proofs.
If you purchase your full gallery I do not send sneak peaks.
You will receive your final  gallery via email link and 
that gallery will be high resolution.
All images must be downloaded in high res & not screen shot Please do not filter or alter your images.

All sessions start about 40-60 minutes prior to sunset so you know an approximate time. You will get the exact start time the day before your session to ensure the best lighting.

( Mini session time slots are set but can be adjusted due to sunset times)

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