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Cast/ Mayo Session

Get yourself a boss who adds your entire family to your work headshot session. Seriously can you get any sweeter than that. Danielle and Bryan operate Cast Financial and are so so thoughtful. They needed some updated headshots and decided to take it a step further combining their business session with a family session for themself and their staff.

SO sweet. Be sure to get a boss like that who wants to go that extra mile for you and your family. This session was just incredibly fun. We nailed the business shots, the cute family Christmas card type shots and then just the fun family togetherness shots.

I love this about sessions how we can cater each one to your own unique needs. This session was certainly unique. It's not often I tackle business shots and multiple families. It certainly made it all the more fun though.

We made the trek to a new ( to me) location at Anthem Community Park. It was sweet and charming and more than enough space to spread out with the large number of people who were there enjoying their own family time. We spend a lot of time at the beautiful water fountain and once the sun dipped down low enough part of our remaining group moved in front of the pond/ lake. It added some nice variety and it was just beautiful. I cannot get enough of this session. It was just perfect. I can't wait to photograph these families again in the future.

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