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2023 High School Senior Morgan

Morgan is a 2023 highschool graduate this year! I am honored to have been able to document this momentous milestone for her. Seniors sessions hold a special place in my heart.

This moment is truly one that really marks that moment from childhood to transitioning to adulthood. This stage is all about planning for life ahead. Where will I go to college? Where will I live? How will I support myself? There's a lot of big things here that happen with this act of graduating. Graduating in itself is a huge accomplishment. Especially if you are like Morgan and graduate in the top 5% of your class.

Graduating signifies 13 years of dedicated long and hard work. Think about it, starting from kindergarten there's not many who enter the education system reading and writing. 13 years working hard just to better yourself. To prepare yourself for adulthood. Congratulations, you made it. You have got this. Now this is the fun part where you get to map out your life and carve it into your wildest dreams. So dream big and take chances.

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