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August 29, 2021


We're moving! To celebrate, I am hosting a huge discount! 50% off! Now only $25



Keeping it short and sweet for you!

FIVE minute sessions. 

One slot per person.

You would not believe how much can be achieved in that time frame. 

Eight photos are included!


You may purchase additional images!

Five minute times slot for $25.

(on sale from $50)

$5 per additional image.

Full payment due at booking

Kids are little for such a short amount of time. 

School pictures are great and all but...

Do they really capture the essence of your child?

Nope. Half the time they're poorly staged with a traditional backdrop.

They give you one pose and you pay your life savings in prints.


I am going to capture that essence of your child. 

You are going to have snippets of their personality frozen in time.

Telling the story of their personality across the canvas ( so to speak)


P e r f e c t  F o r  K i d s

Perfect for Families

Let's take away all the distractions and focus on what's most important, your family.

These photos are so simple, yet so incredibly timeless.

I will capture pictures of..

The whole family together.

Each Child solo.

Each child with a parent.

Sibling shots.

Feel free to bring sentimental or layering items such as much loved stuffed animals, hats, sunglasses, baseball gloves, bat, etc.

Big Harry Potter nerds? Bring a book to read during the session.

I want to have fun with these and capture who you are as a family.

Let's fill your walls with family pictures!

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