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Let's get your ready for your newborn lifestyle session.

What is Lifestyle

Lifestyle sessions are a more candid approach to capturing baby's first session. These shoots take place in your home. We capture pure and authentic moments during these sessions.

The session will revolve around the baby and there will be opportunity for siblings to participate as well.

No additional people will be permitted during the session. Lifestyle sessions are intimate sessions for the immediate family

A little bit of prep..

Life style sessions are so beautiful and organic. Nothing better than capturing those first days in your home. Here are some suggestions to help make your session as seamless as possible.

1. Don't schedule vaccines the day before ( if possible). The reason for this is that vaccines can make baby fussy.

2. lay out outfits the day before ( 1-2 different outfits max). This session is not about the outfits. It is about the bond between new baby and the family.

3. Plan for keeping the noise level low. Prep other kiddos to help keep a quiet environment for baby. If you have pets that may bark throughout the session make arrangements for them after any pictures you want them in.

4. Lay out any special items for the session ( ex: special blanket nana knit)

5. Expect your session to last. 60-90 minutes

6. Try to keep baby awake 90 minutes before session.

7. 30 minutes before the session turn the heat up to about 80-85 degrees. The heat will help keep baby warm, cozy and relaxed.

8. Feed baby just before your session. We can absolutely take any needed breaks for feedings and changing.

9.Keep baby in a neutral outfit.

10. New mommy, take some time to pamper yourself the morning of. You've worked hard and deserve to feel refreshed and ready.

11. Clean up the area where you would like to take pictures and clear out any clutter.

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